Sunplicity-UPS Photovoltaic System

Sunplicity-UPS Photovoltaic System
The Sunplicity with UPS system combines solar panels and a battery bank to provide a source of guaranteed power.

The Sunplicity with UPS photovoltaic system is the perfect choice for homeowners who want a utility-interactive solar system with emergency backup power capability. Using the Trace sine-wave inverter and batteries, the system functions as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in the event of a utility outage.Systems are modular and can be ordered in a variety of a solar array and battery bank sizes. All systems include a power control center which provides solar charge regulation, digital metering, safety switches, and inverter/battery cables. Our UPS systems utilize UL-approved sine-wave inverters which are capable of utility-tie operation but can also run critical house loads, such as well pump, heating system, refrigerator, and lighting, during a power outage. The system is configured as a utility-interactive system that powers house loads during sunlight hours and sells any excess power back to the local utility. In the event of a utility outage, the inverter automatically disconnects from the utility and powers selected house loads from the battery bank and solar array.


  • High-efficiency PV modules with a 20-year warranty
  • Maintenance-free battery bank
  • Sine-wave inverter for ultimate power quality
  • Pre-assembled control center with all cables
  • Remote digital voltage and current monitor
  • Complete installation and operation manual
  • Easily expandable with larger inverter or PV array
  • Optional propane generator with automatic start


During sunlight hours, the photovoltaic array generates power at 48 VDC. This power is distributed to
the inverter which converts it to 120-volt utility-grade AC power. This power is then used by household loads or sold back to the utility. In states that have adopted “net metering” rules, this power is sold at retail rates by spinning the electric meter backward. At night and on cloudy days, the house runs on utility power as usual.

In the event of a utility brownout or blackout, the inverter will disconnect from the utility line and draw energy from the storage batteries to powerhouse loads. The number of appliances that can be run, and the length of time they can run, depends on the size of the battery bank. The standard 9-kWh battery bank is designed to power critical loads for a two-day period. If additional capacity is needed, the battery bank can be expanded to meet any load requirements.

As an option with our Sunplicity-UPS photovoltaic systems, we offer generator backup capability for continuous off-grid service. When the inverter senses low battery state-of-charge, it automatically starts the generator, transfers household loads to the generator, and turns itself into a powerful battery charger. When the batteries reach a pre-set charge, the inverter turns the generator off and returns to its normal mode.

Components and Capabilities (SP 16 UPS)

  • 16 115-watt modules, 1,840 watts peak solar array. Expandable to 32 modules (3,680 watts)
  • 8 100 amp-hour VRLA batteries, 9.6 kWh storage, expandable to 50 kWh or more.
  • 1 Xantrex SW4048 sine-wave inverter for 4000 watts continuous power at 120 vacs or 1 Beacon Smartpower M-5 sine-wave inverter for 5,000 watts at 120 VAC. The M-5 inverter contains integrated power control center with PV charge control, DC ground fault protection.
  • UL listed 175 amp disconnect switch, battery box, battery interconnect cables, and power cables for inverter

Sunplicity-UPS 16 Photovoltaic System