Sunplicity Photovoltaic System

Sunplicity Photovoltaic System
Utilizing high-efficiency 115-watt solar modules, Sunplicity systems are both attractive and cost-effective.

Sunplicity photovoltaic (PV) systems are utility-tie solar electric systems that are ideal for families and small businesses interested in producing a portion of their daily electrical needs from the sun. The system is a cost-effective solution for connecting photovoltaic modules directly to the utility grid without the use of batteries. The systems are modular and can be ordered in a variety of array sizes from 440 watts to over 10 kilowatts. The

mid-sized Sunplicity 16 system includes a 1,840-watt photovoltaic array, mounting hardware, and an 1800-watt DC to AC utility-interactive inverter.


  • High-efficiency Evergreen Solar modules
  • Modular inverters allow easy expansion
  • Optional remote monitor package
  • Choice of ground or roof mounting system
  • Complete installation and operation manual


During sunlight hours, the photovoltaic array generates direct current (DC) power. This current is converted by the inverter into 120 or 240 volt AC power that is able to run household electrical loads such as computers, lights, and appliances. A grid-tied system does not require battery storage, as the utility grid itself is used as the storage medium. The solar array is synchronized with the utility grid and directly powers loads in conjunction with utility power during sunlight hours.

At times of low household demand, the PV array may generate more power than is required by the home.This excess power can be sold back to the utility through an arrangement known as ‘net metering’. In such instances, the utility meter will actually spin backward. Net metering has been adopted by over thirty states.

Because the system is tied and synchronized to the utility grid, this system will only operate in conjunction with utility power. If the utility power fails for any reason, the inverter will automatically cease operating, disconnecting from the utility grid and ensuring that the system does not energize utility lines while workers are repairing them.

Components and Capabilities (SP-16)

  • 16 115-watt modules, 1,840-watt peak solar array. Each module measures 62.4″ high and 25.69″ wide
    and produces 7 amps of charging current in full sunlight. Array measures 18′ wide x 10′-6″ high.
  • 1 SMA Sunny Boy 1800 watt, single-phase DC to AC inverters. UL listed for both indoor and outdoor use. Includes a string combiner, ground fault protection, and DC disconnects. 93% peak efficiency.
  • Flush mount aluminum racking hardware with stainless steel fasteners. Optional tilt-up racks available.
  • Lighting Arrestor 250VAC protects against damage to the inverter.


Sunplicity systems are available in sizes ranging from 4 modules to 48 modules (5.2 kW). The larger systems utilize the SMA 2500-watt inverter.

An optional remote monitoring system is available to track power output and kwh production.

sunplicity solar diagram