Solar Water Heating

closed-loop pv systemDomestic hot water (DHW) heating is the second-highest energy cost in a typical household. Using solar energy to heat your hot water can reduce this cost by 65% or more in the Northeast. A solar thermal system offers financial stability in a time of rapidly fluctuating oil and gas prices. Solar water heating also helps protect our environment. Over its lifetime, a solar hot water system can eliminate over ten tons of pollutants that cause acid rain and global warming by reducing emissions of air pollutants from power plants and fossil fuel hot water heaters.

Solar Options For Everyone

All of our solar hot water systems are used as pre-heaters in conjunction with a conventional backup heating system. This means everyone can use solar hot water regardless of whether electricity, propane, oil, or another fuel is currently used.

Solar-Works.Com offers several types and sizes of solar systems, all pre-engineered and pre-packaged for maximum cost savings and ease of installation. Our smaller closed loop systems are designed for residential hot water heating, while our larger closed-loop systems are designed to provide space heating or pool heating in addition to domestic hot water. All our systems come with the best warranties in the industry – a full ten-year warranty on collectors and heat exchangers.

We Have The Experience

Solar-Works.Com has over two decades of experience designing and installing solar hot water systems. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right system. Simply fill out our Solar Hot Water Information form and return it to us. We will run a free computer analysis that will determine what size solar system you should install and how much it will save you every year.

With the latest advances in solar technology, there has never been a better time go solar.

solar powered roof

Residential Solar Hot Water Systems

Our closed loop residential solar hot water systems are perfect for homeowners interested in solar energy. We use top of the line Thermo Dynamics G-series flat plate collectors to absorb the sun’s energy. This thermal energy is carried from the collectors to a storage tank by a non-toxic freeze-proof heat transfer fluid (propylene glycol). When the temperature at the collectors is hotter than the storage tank, a solar electric panel powers an ultra-high efficiency DC pump. This circulates the fluid through a heat exchanger in the storage tank and heats the incoming cold water to the storage tank. Since the system is 100% solar powered, there is no need for any utility power and the reliability of the system is greatly increased.

Our residential solar hot water systems come with either2 collectors (CL64-80) or 3 collectors (CL96-120). These
systems are appropriate for homes with 2 to 6 people depending on the pattern of hot water usage. We size the system to reduce your fuel costs by 60-70% annually. During the summer months, 90-100% of your water will be produced by the sun. During the course of a sunny summer day, the CL64and CL-96 will produce approximately 65 and 95 gallons of 120-140 degree water.

Inquire with Solar-Works.Com about the installation of our closed loop systems. A detailed installation and operation manual is supplied with each system.

roof with solar panels

Solar Space Heating & DHW Systems

solar energy useFor houses with radiant floor heating systems, Solar-Works.Com offers integrated hybrid space heating/domestic hot water systems.

These systems use Thermo Dynamics G-series collectors, featuring the high-efficiency Sunstrip™absorber plate. They come with a pre-assembled pump/control board and a non-pressurized heat exchange storage tank with separate heat exchangers for domestic hot water and space heating (and pool heating if desired). Each system comes with a digital temperature display to monitor collector, tank, radiant floor and spa temperatures.

These systems come complete except for copper tubing, solar pipe insulation, and controller wiring from collectors to tank. These components typically cost about $350 per installation and can be bought locally or ordered through Solar-Works.Com.


Commercial Drainback Systems

For large commercial applications, such as recreation centers or laundromats, our drain-back systems are ideal. Water is used as the heat transfer fluid and is circulated from the solar tank through the solar collectors whenever useful heat can be collected.When the pump shuts off, all fluid drains back by gravity to the solar storage tank.

Unlike our smaller closed-loop systems, this is an open-loop, unpressurized system. Having all fluid return from the collectors adds overheating protection without the need for a special heat dissipation system to keep collectors cool when heat is not needed.

Solar Schools

solar roofsAs part of Solar-Works.Com’s effort to support the Million Solar Roofs Initiative, we have launched a Solar Schools Program that is bringing solar systems to public and private schools across the nation. These systems serve as energy saving and educational resources for students, teachers, and communities.

This innovative educational tool allows schools to use their solar installations to support traditional science, mathematics, and social studies curriculum. Through this program, students will have an opportunity to undertake
experiential learning that involves them in their local communities and in forging real-world solutions to our energy needs.

Our Solar Schools Program will create community awareness of renewable energy options and demonstrate the benefits of solar technology. If you would like your school system to participate in this program, please contact us for further information.

In June of 1997, President Clinton announced the Million Solar Roofs Initiative. The goal of the Initiative is to install solar energy systems on one million buildings by 2010. This effort will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create high-tech jobs, and move the U.S. toward a sustainable energy future. Solar-Works.Com is an active partner in this effort through its installations of solar electric and solar thermal systems.

solar hot water and space heating system


Solar-Works.Com warranties each system to operate as specified and to be free of defects for a period of one year from the date of commissioning. In addition, a full ten-year hardware warranty covering thermal collectors and the heat exchanger is included in the price of each system. In the event that your system experiences a problem within this ten-year period, Solar-Works.Com will repair the system charging only for on-site labor.

About Our Company

Since 1994, Solar-Works.Com has provided renewable energy services and equipment to government agencies, businesses, and individuals in the UnitedStates and overseas. Solar-Works.Com’s experience includes the design and installation of solar thermal systems (both active and passive), photovoltaic (solar electric or PV) systems, and high-efficiency lighting and heating systems.The company’s mission is to move renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies into successful, cost-effective applications. This goal is accomplished through consulting engineering, sales and installation of solar equipment, and training programs.

Company headquarters are in Summit, New Jersey. For further information please call us or visit us on the internet at