Solar Water Heater – CL64

solar hot water heater on roofThe Solar-Works.Com closed-loop 64-80 system is a solar domestic hot water heating system for households with three or more people. It includes two 4 x 8 G-series collectors, an 80-gallon solar storage tank, and a high-efficiency thermosyphon heat exchanger. A preassembled pump/control board is included to facilitate quick and trouble-free installation. The standard system uses a DC circulator and photovoltaic module for a complete stand-alone operation without utility power.


  • TDL G-Series collectors with a 10-year warranty
  • Pre-assembled pump/control board
  • PV driven pump requires no AC electricity
  • Passive thermosyphon heat exchanger for high efficiency and long life
  • Complete installation and operation manual


The closed-loop 64-80 system is a pressurized, antifreeze based, solar hot water system. A small photovoltaic module (20 watts) powers a circulator which circulates non-toxic propylene glycol through the collectors and back to the heat exchanger whenever the sun is shining. In the heat exchanger, heat is transferred from the
glycol to the domestic water. During the course of a sunny day, the system will produce approximately 65 gallons of 120°- 140° water.

This slow thermo-syphoning action assures maximum heat exchange efficiency and also allows excellent thermal
stratification in the solar storage tank. By stratifying hot water at the top of the tank, a usable layer of hot water is created in as little as one hour after the system starts running in the morning.

As water is used, solar heated water is drawn from the solar storage tank through an auxiliary heater, where it
is heated if necessary, and then delivered to the point of use. In cases where solar energy provides 100% of summer
water heating, the auxiliary water heater can be turned off and bypassed.

closed loop solar hot water system


Space Heat Loop

The Closed-loop 64-80 system can be configured with an optional bypass valve and radiator system to allow extra solar heat to be used for space heating in the winter months. This system uses an automatic valve that will open when the tank temperature reaches 130° and allow heat to flow through a baseboard radiator.

Digital Temperature Monitor

An optional 4 station digital monitor (Quad-Temp) is available to be able to read collector, ambient, and tank temperatures, as well as one other location.


Each system is warranted against defects in material or workmanship by Solar-Works.Com for a period of one year from the system purchase date. Manufacturer warranties covering certain components supplement this warranty as indicated below

  • Thermo Dynamics Solar Collectors – 10-year warranty covering manufacturing defects.
  • Thermo Dynamics DTL Heat Exchanger – 10-year warranty covering manufacturing defects.
  • Storage Tank – 12-year warranty covering manufacturing defects.
  • Photovoltaic Module – will produce no less than 90% of original power for 10 years.
  • Monitor (option) – limited 5-year warranty