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Should You Go Solar in 2018?

solar panel installation serviceEven with so many different ways to light up, cool, and heat a home, arguably the most efficient and environment-friendly of all is going solar. It is true that the upfront costs of installing a solar energy system at home are high, but the fact that you are significantly improving your energy consumption while reducing carbon footprint is enough reason to consider it. This year, nothing has changed – going solar still makes a lot of sense.
Let’s take a good look at the best reasons why solar energy is what your home needs this:

1 – It reduces or even gets rid of your monthly electric bills in their entirety.

Depending on how much you are willing to invest in solar energy, there’s a chance you no longer will pay for electric bills. It is no secret that the cost of using electricity comprises one of the biggest portions on your monthly expenses, but the installation of a solar panel system means you are generating power from the sun, which in turn is free. This type of system is designed to last for more than 25 years. Just imagine your savings within that period.

2 – Investing in a solar panel system is well worth it.

reduce energy bills with solar panelsAgain, most homeowners do not give that much attention to the purchase and installation of solar panels since they are a quite pricey upfront. What those people don’t realize is that solar panels give you a definite return on your investment immediately after installing and using them. The substantial savings you get out of your electric bill to suggest that in less than ten years, you expect to see a return on investment of at least twenty percent.

3 – If you purchase and install a solar panel system this year, you’re in a way protecting yourself against the impending rise in energy costs.

There is no argument as to the ability of a solar panel system in reducing expenses related to the use of electricity and energy. But more interestingly, the installation of a system that relies on a free source means you don’t have to face the pressure of having to embrace an annual 3% increase in residential electricity prices. Even if you plan on using a solar panel system merely as a backup, it still does not deny the fact that you no longer have to pay more to use more electricity. In the end, you can use the money you’re supposed to pay for the increase in your electric bill.

4 – You should consider installing a solar panel system since it effectively increases the value of the property.

solar roof after installationIf reduced energy bills are not enough reason to convince you to invest in a solar panel system, how about the prospect of substantially increasing the value of your home? If you are planning to sell your property in the near future, having a solar panel system installed in it means you expect to get a very good price out of it. In fact, property appraisers give a “thumbs up” to homes with solar installations, especially this year when more buyers appreciate the integration of technology in homes to make them more comfortable to live in. A solar panel system will surely entice prospective buyers to consider your home, and what’s even better is that you have the edge in the negotiating table, thanks to the high demand for properties with a practical and efficient energy solution.


5 – You are in a way protecting the environment.

Finally, going solar in 2018 means you help in protecting and promoting the environment’s cause. Much has been said about America’s contribution to carbon emissions. In fact, homes and buildings are responsible for almost 40% of all carbon emissions in this country. But should you decide to go solar, you significantly reduce that number. To be specific, the average solar panel system installed in a residential setting allows the slashing of three tons of carbon emissions every year.